Trade Shows Mexico – Which are worth attending?

Fifteen years ago, if a manufacturer was not attending the PAACE Show in Mexico City, it was considered the kiss of death.  No different than the Industry Week in Las Vegas every November.  Most manufacturers already have their distribution network fairly well organized and the shows become more of a see and be seen vs. actually negotiating deals.  The PAACE Show in Mexico City used to be the most important show to attend in Mexico.  Not only were manufacturers able to cut deals at the show, there was also the final day of the show when automotive vocational school students attended and were able to learn about the different brands in the market.

In addition to the PAACE Show, the RUJAC Show in Guadalajara has always been another important show for manufacturers to attend in late August / early September.  This show is put on by the Distributors Association of Jalisco and has always had a great crowd mix of professional installers every day in the late afternoon / early evening.

A new show sprang up a few years back in Mexico City, Expo INA and has quickly become more important than the PAACE Automechanika Show.  In fact, if you must choose one event in Mexico City, our recommendation is to invest in Expo INA and not PAACE.  Below is a summary of the three main expos in Mexico.

Something to think about…AAPEX / SEMA Show.  Have you noticed that the largest group of interested buyers during Industry Week in Vegas are from Latin America.  Instead of, greet, grip and grin at the show, why not dedicate a portion of your booth to Spanish speaking visitors.  You most likely won’t be writing many orders at the show for US based distributors; however, you may be able to ink new distributors across Latin America at the show.  Create bi-lingual brochures, think about staffing the booth with a bi-lingual sales person and identify the products you have that are considered “critical coverage” in Latin America.  With a little upfront work, you may turn AAPEX from a sleeper to a tremendous success regarding additional business.

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