Overseas Automotive Council – Why you need to be a member.

Whether you manage a company that has reached a point where export sales have finally become part of your strategic plan or maybe you have been assigned an International Sales position, you will need some outside support.  It doesn’t matter how you are directed to the international sales effort, what matters are the industry tools you take advantage of to grow your sales.

In Mexico, there are several trade associations worth looking into joining and we will discuss those associations at a later date.  Since we are less than a week away from the largest automotive industry show in the United States, let’s focus on a U.S. organization focused on supporting companies who wish to export around the world.

The Overseas Automotive Council, a sub-group of AASA (Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association) is focused on the following:

OAC is one of the oldest and most unique organizations in the global automotive aftermarket. Established in 1923 by a group of industry professionals as an automotive club, OAC’s mission is:



  • To promote the sale of automotive products and services exported from North America
  • To enhance the prestige and goodwill of the global aftermarket industry
  • To promote friendly trade relationships, cultural understanding and mutually beneficial cooperation among those engaged in the automotive aftermarket industry

OAC strives to be the premier international community for all North American manufacturers and exporters, and all international importers, distributors and agents who participate in the automotive aftermarket. 


If you look at the board of governors, it is a Who’s Who list of the heavy hitter International Sales and Operations Directors from several of the largest automotive aftermarket companies in the industry.  Let’s put it this way, these men and women will forget more about the international automotive aftermarket than most people will ever learn about it.  If you were to add up all their years of experience working with the international markets, we are probably looking at more than 250 years of experience amongst the 12 governors.  Why would you not want to be a member of an organization that holds so much knowledge and such a wide network of members across the globe?

For as long as I can remember, OAC has held their reception Tuesday night of Industry Week and anyone involved in international sales or operations is making a mistake by not attending.  This event provides a wonderful opportunity to meet and network with OAC members from all over the world.

International Sales / Operations Managers, if you don’t do anything else this upcoming week in Vegas, attend the OAC Reception.  It will be held in the Palazzo Hotel at 6pm on November 4th.  Click here for more information – OAC Global Reception

If you require any additional support for your international efforts in Mexico, contact us today:

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