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  Sometimes in business, we forget the obvious.  Do you think that windshield sun shades sell well in Seattle?  What about selling engine block heaters in Florida?  Mexico has a very diverse geography and climate.

In the OE Market in Mexico, Nissan located their Zero Ground Test Lab in Acapulco.  Why would they do that….well, in 5 hours of driving they can take a car from 0 feet above sea level to almost 12,000 feet above sea level and have temperature swings of up to 50 degrees. What is the point of all of this?  Most manufacturers do not understand Mexico that well.

I recall flying into Mexico City with a CEO back about 10 years ago and upon landing he said, “I had only been to our maquila plants on the border, I just assumed Mexico as a whole was pretty much desert.   If you don’t understand your market, how can you be successful in selling in that market?

Forget for a moment the cultural and economic tendencies, let’s just talk geo-climate issues.  Heat is a killer for batteries, dust and contaminants are killers for electronics, potholes cause havoc with steering and suspension, humidity and salty air are causes of oxidation.  Failure rates will vary tremendously based on geographic location and quite simply require different value added sell sheets to move product.  Understanding where your products run the highest failure rates may push a manufacturer who offers Good, Better, Best product lines to focus more on higher end quality lines depending on local climate conditions.

Understanding where your WD or Retail client is located makes a HUGE difference as to which products to offer them.  Suggested stock orders will change dramatically based on geographic location.  Placing the wrong product in the wrong place will create errors in the inventory and cause excess and obsolete issues.

Cash flow is king to everyone in the distribution channel, that is why payment terms have been extended out so far and in return, more and more manufacturers factor their invoices.  Making smart inventory placement decisions is crucial in the success of not just the manufacturer but also the distribution channel as a whole.

Cima International will educate you on the market.  We know where you should be loading up wiper blades vs. engine block heaters.  Let us help you understand the lay of the land so that when you present to potential and / or current clients in Mexico, they see that you understand their market.  We are bi-lingual, bi-cultural and well versed in the automotive aftermarket of Mexico.  Let us help you raise your understanding of the market and position your products to sell into the market.  Why wait another day to become a market leader in Mexico?

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