Mexico is a wonderful country with much to see and do but you need to be cautious.  Listed below are a list of Safety Rules you should follow while in Mexico.  Most is common sense but sometimes we overlook the obvious.

1. Be aware of your surroundings.  Always pay attention to what is happening around you.  If something does not look or feel right, it probably is not right.  Stay in busy areas, do not walk down streets where there are not a lot of people.

2. Leave your jewelry at home.  Don’t wear necklaces, fancy watches, bracelets, rings, etc.  The lower you can fly under the radar, the better.

3. Stay in at night.  Eat at the hotel restaurant or something right around your hotel.  Crime rates increase substantially after dark.

4. High end bags and brief cases just call attention to you.  Travel with a backpack briefcase.

5. Prior to traveling, scan a copy of your passport and email it to yourself at an email account like gmail or yahoo mail.  If you need to, you can access this type of email and the scanned copy from any computer.

6. Limit the amount of people who know your flight schedule and where you are staying.  There is no need for people to know what flight you are on or where you are staying unless they are picking you up at the airport.

7. Men should carry their wallet in the front pants pocket, not back pocket.  This makes it difficult for pick pockets to steal your money.

8. Prior to entering Mexico, load the local US Consulate / Embassy phone number into your phone.  If for some reason you get into trouble, call the US Embassy.

9. Stay away from night clubs and gentlemen clubs.  It is not uncommon for people to be drugged in these types of establishments and then robbed, beaten and potentially kidnapped after leaving said establishment.

10. Do not carry large amounts of cash on you.  Carry only one or two credit cards and 200-500 Mexican Pesos ($20-50 dollars).  Use the room safe in your hotel to store other cards and cash safely while you are out and about.