Do you understand how your Brand fits in the Mexican market?  AMRFinal

Can you answer the following questions:

  1. Is your brand the top of mind brand in Mexico?
  2. Is your brand the perceived #1 in quality in Mexico?
  3. What percent of the market in Mexico is familiar with your brand?
  4. How does your price compare to the competition?
  5. What is your Net Promoter Score in Mexico?
  6. What is the opinion of your clients as it pertains to you as a supplier?
  7. How are your overall customer satisfaction surveys?

If you can’t answer these questions, you need help.  These are essential performance indicators for the Mexican market and will help drive your overall strategy.  We can help you understand all of this information.  Through our sister company AMR, a call center based in Guadalajara, we can capture all of this data directly from the installer base.  We can tell you unbiasedly how you rate and then help mold your approach to improve in the market.

Let us help you capture the data that you need to move forward in Mexico.

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