Do you understand the Mexican automotive aftermarket?  Many companies look at Mexico as an after thought, the wild west where any additional sales are considered a bonus to their overall revenue plan.  The problem is, how do you know if you are performing a peak levels or just treading water if you don’t know the market size, the key potential clients, the product mix, etc?

How can you make certain you are selling at the appropriate price if you don’t know what the market price is for your products?  How can you set up a long term cash flow plan if you don’t know whether you are selling too high, just right or too low in the distribution channel?  How can you tell if your sales numbers are good based on the market size if you don’t know the market size for your level of distribution?

We can provide the data that eliminates the words, “I think, I feel, It might be, we are probably” and turns them into, “we know, I am certain, we have no doubt”.  Real market data, real market structure.  The proper distribution channels identified and mapped out properly.  Margin levels for your product at each step in distribution.

Cima International is dedicated to supporting companies in need of growing their business in Mexico.  We can help you set a plan and track to it appropriately so there is no doubt that you are moving in the right direction.

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