Do you need to increase your salesforce presence in Mexico?  If you have finished the process of Salesforce analyzation and you have correctly decided that outside sales agents is the proper method for you to grow in Mexico, we can help.

Cima International provides two services regarding sales representation;

1.  We represent a select few brands for the Mexican Automotive Aftermarket.  Through our knowledge of the Mexican market and the commercial relationships we have developed over the years at all the top tier distributors / retailers, we can help you get the audience needed to make a purchasing decision on your product line.  Call us today to discuss.

2.  In addition to direct representation, Cima International also supports multiple companies as a third party Mexico Sales Manager.  That is, we manage your reps and your sales efforts in general for the Mexican Aftermarket.  We are bi-lingual, bi-cultural and we know who the good reps are verses not so productive reps.  Have a sales rep who does not speak English?  No problem, we will communicate with them in Spanish and make certain all needs from both factory and commercial are understood by everyone.  Don’t want to take on a head to manage Mexico?  We are your solution, at a fraction of the cost.

Contact us Today:   Phone:  248-792-0108